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How to eliminate force and fraud? The libertarian paradox

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How to eliminate force and fraud? The libertarian paradox

Libertarians and anarchists say they want a society of maximum freedom, in which the only taboos are force and fraud.

Most libertarians are not big fans of democracy.

The problem with democracy, as they see it, is that majorities tend to vote to redistribute wealth - to themselves. Such redistribution is enforced by the state, with its cops, prisons, and armies. To libertarians, that is an unacceptable use of force. And it is accompanied by fraud, as the propaganda machine spins the facts to convince people that this wholesale looting is something other than wholesale looting.

Paradoxically - and not all libertarians notice this - even more force and fraud is used by wealthy minorities to protect their wealth from majorities who covet it.

When pro-redistribution leftist Salvador Allende was voted into power in Chile, he used relatively little force and fraud. He openly announced: We are going to tax and redistribute a larger portion of rich people's wealth, and use it to build better infrastructure and education (not to mention nutrition and housing) for everyone. 

Unlike Fidel Castro, Allende did not bother to build up much ability to wield force. He did not surround himself with enough trained killers and professional thugs to defend himself and his program.

Allende was relatively honest (he committed little fraud) and relatively peaceful (he was not interested in using force).

As a result, he was murdered by "libertarian" liars and thugs - ironically, the disciples of Chicago school economist Milton Friedman. These people believed that the end - liberalizing Chile's economy - justified the means: Spewing outrageous BS to the masses 24/7/365, rounding up their political enemies, and torturing, murdering, and terrorizing them.

"Libertarian" Chile became one of the worst gulag societies of the 20th century. (Yes, it's better now - the "libertarian" General Pinochet was finally arrested for war crimes, though he died under house arrest before he could be convicted.)

Unfortunately, the 9/11 (1971) coup in Chile is not an isolated instance. The most egregious force and fraud in modern political systems is being committed not by poor voters seeking to redistribute wealth, but by the wealthy seeking to protect their wealth. This should not be surprising, since the wealthy are generally more competent at everything - including force and fraud - than the less-wealthy.

As Naomi Klein explains in The Shock Doctrine, the New World Order program to "liberalize economies" in service to the rich, while enslaving everyone else, is forcing itself on the world through the most hideous combination of force and fraud imaginable. Using CIA-developed trauma-based mind control, the architects of planetary "liberalization" are destroying the middle class and the liberal democratic institutions that sustain it - labor unions, national industrial policies, progressive taxation, government services, high-quality public education, and the rule of law.

It isn't just leftists like Naomi Klein who have noticed this.

Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, ushered in the biggest-ever liberalization of the American economy. Top marginal tax rates on the rich were cut from over 70% to around 30%. In those days, Roberts was a supporter of Milton Friedman.

Today, Roberts looks at the world he helped create - and screams in anguish. The USA has become a gulag society. Economic "freedom" for the rich - tax cuts, free trade agreements, the destruction of unions, the degradation of public education - has led to the creation of a slave state, in which everyone's every move is being wiretapped by the NSA, the Bill of Rights is a dead letter, extra-judicial political executions of Americans and others are a regular occurrence, the masses sink into ever-deeper poverty and ignorance, and the mass media lies more outrageously than the fictional propagandists in Orwell's 1984.

All around the world, we see variations on the same theme: Wealthy, powerful minorities are using force and fraud to prevent poorer, less-powerful majorities from getting what they want.

In the Islamic world, strong majorities have favored Islamic governance and independence for at least three decades - arguably for more than 13 centuries. But the Western secularists who invaded, occupied, and colonized the Islamic world have been using outrageous amounts of force and fraud to maintain neo-colonial rule. Their local collaborators, the comprador class, are generally secularists...though the imperialists have recently begun courting "Islamists" who are willing to be compradors-in-turbans.

In Algeria circa 1990, the anti-imperialist Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) was poised to sweep into power nationwide with around 90% of the vote. The criminal military oligarchy occupying Algeria on behalf of the West canceled the elections, and imprisoned, tortured, and murdered the FIS leadership, Then it slaughtered more than 100,000 people in pro-FIS neighborhoods and villages, using government death squads dressed as "radical Islamists."

The Algerian regime's wildly successful campaign of false-flag terror and mass murder made it a model for the Zionist-dominated West's struggle against Islam. On September 11th, 2001, the most spectacular false-flag attack in history was used to trigger a multi-generational war on Islam on behalf of Zionism, imperialism, and the New World Order.

Today, everywhere you look in the Middle East, powerful forces are trying to thwart the will of the people, using deception and violence.

In Egypt, as in all Muslim countries, the majority wants an Islamic society. But a small minority of secularists, funded by Soros-linked NGOs, is raising hell, trying to win on the streets what it cannot win at the ballot box.

If you talk to the Egyptian secularists, you'll find that they are an insufferably arrogant lot. They think the relatively poor, traditional, religious people who vote for Islamic parties need to be "educated" into thinking like they, the secularists, think. (Note: I am not particularly enamored with President Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood; I'm just saying that the vast majority in Egypt wants an Islamic system, and unfortunately the Brotherhood is currently the only realistic alternative.)

The same thing is true in Iran, where the vast majority supports the Islamic Republic, while a tiny minority of secularists tried to create a Soros-funded "Green Revolution" in 2009 by contesting the outcome of elections that were far more honest and transparent than those in the USA.

In Syria, a much more ethnically- and religiously-divided country, the clear majority supports the current government headed by President Bashar al-Assad, which is relatively secularist but anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist. According to polls and surveys taken by Assad's enemies, his lowest approval rating was 55% two years ago. Today, it is much higher. But powerful enemies, including the USA, Israel, NATO, and their puppet states in the Gulf and in Asia Minor, are using force and fraud to try to overthrow Assad.

Here in the USA, force and fraud have consistently been used to thwart the will of the people. A long list of domestic political assassinations, from Huey Long to the Kennedies, Martin Luther King, and Paul Wellstone, and fraudulent elections, most spectacularly in 2000 and 2004, have been committed to maintain and increase the wealth and power of America's criminal oligarchy. The list of foreign political assassinations is much longer.

As these and countless other examples show, the problem (in the real world, not libertarian theory) is not that poor people use force and fraud to redistribute rich people's wealth. It is that rich and powerful people use force and fraud to protect and grow their own wealth, at the expense of the less-rich and less-powerful.

If we want to get rid of force and fraud, we cannot simply eliminate taxation and government. That happened for a few years after the fall of the USSR. The mafia - a bunch of thugs even worse than the government ones - stepped in to "keep order." They didn't call their protection money "taxes," but it amounted to the same thing, only worse.

If we eliminate "government," it will simply be replaced by a less-transparent, more brutal version of the same thing.

So how can we get rid of force and fraud?

Not through any re-arranging of human institutions.

Only through the power of the sacred.

At the end of the day, the only reason for respecting a set of rules, beyond self-interest, is that those rules are sacredThe sacred, the holy, the numinous - whatever you want to call it, it is the only effective bar to force and fraud.

So secular law systems are a contradiction in terms. If it isn't sacred, it isn't really law, and nobody will follow it if they don't think they'll get caught. For the details, read up on Critical Legal Studies.

Every known human society has been held together by two things, two loci of the sacred: family and religion. Both institutions are under attack by the New World Order, whose secularist ideology has roots in the radical illuminist strain of freemasonry. The NWO goal: Global "anarchy" (in the sense of nothing sacred and therefore no law) leading to global dictatorship (run by themselves).

When Cheney openly embraced "a government of men, not laws" after 9/11, he was voicing the New World Order ideal.

When Nick Rockefeller admitted to Aaron Russo that we Rockefellers created women's lib to destroy the family and force women into the labor marketplace that we control, he was revealing the NWO agenda.

When David Rockefeller said:  "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries" he was confessing to the same thing.

These people's mission is to destroy the sacred. Once it is gone, they can rule through force and fraud raised to the Nth power.

They are destroying the sacred by spreading pornography and the slavery of "sexual liberation"; using the media to demonize and mock religion and the sacred; creating CIA-engineered New Age cults to spread religious disinformation and confusion; and even conducting anti-religious ("satanic") rituals of unimaginable sexual depravity and human sacrifice.

All of this New World Order "liberation" is covertly aimed at creating an Orwellian dystopia: A boot stomping on a human face for all eternity.

Libertarians who want to minimize force and fraud in the real world should recognize that their real enemy is the "liberator" who seeks to de-sacralize human life. Libertarians hould join forces with those working to maintain time-tested "institutions of the sacred" - in other words, traditional religion.

As libertarian economist David Friedman recently noted, Islamic law is rather amazing: It has been voluntarily followed by billions of people - yet practically all enforcement is in the hands of God, not human beings.

Other religions, too, have had at least some success maintaining man's freedom from the tyranny of man - by establishing his submission to the sacred.

If we are to diminish or eliminate force and fraud, let's face it: Religion is the only game in town.

Among the major religions, Islam has several advantages:

*It has a built-in mechanism for, and a history of, peacefully coexisting with other religious communities. (Christianity says "my way or the highway," which is why there were no Muslim communities allowed in Europe until relatively recently; whereas there have always been large, thriving minority religious communities in most Islamic lands.)

*It has a well-developed legal system that has worked well in a wide variety of times, places, and cultures with hardly any human enforcement.

*It commands the strongest allegiance of the most people. (More than a billion people voluntarily follow the law telling them to eat no food and drink no water from dawn to dusk during the Ramadan month of fasting - a sign of mass religious commitment far beyond anything else on earth today.)

*It opposes the usurious fiat currency system - the power base of the New World order's incipient Orwellian dictatorship.

*It has a glorious free market tradition similar in many respects to contemporary agorism

So listen up, libertarians: If you want to effectively oppose force and fraud, please make the effort to strip away the layers of propaganda and learn the truth about Islam - liberty's most powerful ally.

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